Customer first, quality first

Dedication to the vast number of users with better products and better service

Chongqing Yunyang Crankshaft Co., Ltd. is located in the Chinese immigrants Metro - Yunyang, and the famous attractions "Zhang Fei Temple" across the river. The company's existing assets of 200 million yuan, more than 800 employees, the factory covers an area of ​​93,000 square meters, specialized mass production series of modular motorcycle crankshaft and the overall type of general gasoline engine crankshaft, the annual production capacity of 4 million sets, , Connecting rod, crankshaft pin forging, heat treatment, machining closed-loop production of the manufacturing company. Companies in Chongqing Shapingba District has a branch, its customers in Chongqing near the supply. Company's existing products CG125, CB125T, CM250, ATV350 ~ 1000 and other models of motorcycles, ATV crankshaft and general gasoline engine crankshaft, aviation model crankshaft, aerial umbrella crankshaft and so on more than 100 kinds.
The company was founded in 1956, has been known for metal processing technology. In 1984, Chongqing Construction Plant to expand production, sent with technical information, fixture and products to my company to support the production of motorcycle crankshaft. In the multi-peer support, "Yun Yang crankshaft" since the market has become the engine manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers supporting the preferred. The company always adhere to the purpose of quality first, after 20 years Mopei market beat and the staff of many years of efforts, in 1997 the first in the domestic industry through the ISO9002 quality system certification, in 2003 through the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification. "Yun Yang crankshaft" has also won the Sichuan Province, "brand-name products", and Chongqing City, "brand-name products" and so on the honorary title.
20 years, the company has been expanding, the process matures, the quality of steady rise. To ensure the quality of the main and auxiliary raw materials directly from the fixed-point manufacturers purchase, has always insisted on the use of high mechanical properties of 40Cr and other materials. The company has a physical and chemical center, responsible for chemical analysis of raw materials and low-power inspection and acceptance, while the quality of the heat treatment process to control. The company has a length measurement center, have the legal qualifications of the company all measuring tools and pneumatic measuring instrument for repair and periodic verification to ensure that the length of the measuring tool has always been maintained in the standard range of precision, to provide users with assured products to provide strict protection.
Our company is a member of the China Forging Association, the unique exfoliating temperature forging process to ensure that the crank, connecting rod surface quality and non-processing parts of the geometric size accuracy, is still in the same industry in the leading position, to meet or exceed Japanese level. The process laid a solid foundation for the consistency of the crankshaft dynamic balance. Our company has implemented many years of crank forging waste heat quenching process, while improving the mechanical properties while reducing production costs, shorten the production cycle and improve the market competitiveness of enterprises.
In order to strengthen the development of new products, to shorten the trial period of new products, our company has tooling, fixture, mold production line. The company's work, mold, fixture completely independent production, a new product from the beginning of the die to the finished product into the entire process can be completed within 10 days.
"Development is the last word," Yunyang crankshaft people will, as always, in the customer first, the quality of the first purpose of continuing efforts and dedication to provide customers with better products and better service, so that the majority of users more satisfied.