Customer first, quality first

Dedication to the vast number of users with better products and better service



Sincere service, to create value for customers!

Service philosophy

Market is the sea, the quality is the ship, the brand is the sail, we always adhere to the implementation of the concept, but also for the full range of customer service principles.

We attach importance to the maintenance of business ecosystem, maintain the fair relationship with each customer, and believe in the supremacy of business ethics. And to market demand for the wizard to the quality of survival, to the credibility of the development of business philosophy to serve the community.

Yunyang crankshaft is willing to work with new and old customers at home and abroad work together to create brilliant!

  • Service philosophy

    All for the customer, to create customer value

  • Service strategy

    Through standardization, differentiation, value of the service to reduce the customer's psychological costs and the use of cost, thereby enhancing the company's services, as well as brand competitiveness, leading the new trend of industry services.

  • Service target

    Exceed customer expectations, beyond industry standards

  • Pledge

    Received after the customer needs 2 hours or agreed time to reach the scene, within 1 day for the customer to solve the general failure.