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There are two types of balancing axes used in a motorcycle engine: a double-balanced shaft and a single-balanced shaft. The two methods are the same in the working principle, but the specific structure is different. The balance shaft is simple and practical, it can effectively reduce the motorcycle vibration, used to balance and reduce the motorcycle engine vibration, in order to reduce engine vibration, reduce engine noise, extend engine life, enhance driving The purpose of comfort.
Double balance mode
The double balance shaft adopts the chain drive mode to drive the two balance shafts. One of the balance shafts is the same as the engine speed, which can eliminate the first-order vibration of the engine. The other balance shaft speed is twice the speed of the engine, which can eliminate the engine Of the second-order vibration, can achieve the desired damping effect. Double balance shaft mode is more complex, high cost, take up the engine space, - as large in the use of large displacement motorcycle.
There is also a double balance shaft arrangement, that is, two balanced shaft and cylinder centerline angle symmetrical arrangement, the opposite direction of rotation, the same speed and crankshaft speed, to balance the engine's first-order reciprocating inertia force.
Single balanced axis mode
Single balance shaft with a single balance shaft, the use of gear drive to work through the crankshaft rotation drive the balance of the shaft drive gear -> balance shaft driven gear -> balance shaft. A single balance can balance the first-order vibrations with a large proportion of the vibration, which can significantly improve the vibration of the engine. As a single balanced shaft structure is simple, take up a small space, in a single cylinder and small displacement of the engine is widely used.